About Us



Peter and Philip Stas are the second generation of the Stas family business which started importing fine chocolates from Belgium in the sixties. By 1988, the time had come to create something new and of our own. Our objective was then and is to this day to create excellent and surprising chocolates and to combine traditional favourites with continental chocolate making skills. To concentrate on exceptional chocolate and produce fresh products to order, no warehouse full of stock, everything freshly made and delivered at its peak. We offer our customers fine artisan chocolates made with care and attention to detail. We have the same love of the craft and enthusiasm today as when we started, coupled now with a wealth of experience.


The Stas family has been in the fine chocolate business for over fifty years. Our knowledge built up over the years is our strength, the true Artisan must serve his apprenticeship. Our dedication is to fine chocolate and its application. Whether traditional favourites or new innovations our products use only high quality couverture, quality is our first and foremost consideration when sourcing our ingredients. Trained in Chocolate schools in Belgium, France and Switzerland and with the help of a master Chocolatier from Belgium we started making fresh cream chocolates and truffles. Our customers were small independent chocolate shops and Hotels, but we quickly expanded to making traditional English Chocolates for Harrods. From there we have expanded our range to include Easter Eggs, Christmas Figures and chocolate novelties, supplying John Lewis, Waitrose and Harvey Nichols. Over the years we have learnt to tailor make our products to our clients requirements whilst never losing sight of our standards.


To create excitement in our products we need an endless stream of new ideas and imaginative fresh approaches to established lines. Whether it’s a new type of chocolate novelty, an exciting new design theme for this seasons Easter Eggs or a new take on an old favourite, we recognise our obligation to excite and delight our customers.


Together with our experience and creativity we do not forget our commitment to offer high standards in everything we do. Our personal service, our ability to deliver, our desire to continually learn and improve are what have kept us in business and allowed us to thrive We strive to be honest in what we are and what we have to offer: High Quality Chocolate, Artisan skills and simple packaging to produce an exceptional product at an honest price.