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Eggs come in 5 sizes Small (125g) Medium (300g) Large (700g) Giant (1.5 kgs) and Family Size (3 kgs) and our brand new 5kg Monster Egg.  All are cello wrapped and carefully packaged and delivered to your door to make for the perfect Easter treat!

By the way we also have some delightful Bunnies.  

Because of the Covid-19 virus we are running with skeleton staff so please bear with us and be aware we may replace certain designs of egg but not egg size.  

3kg Giant Sweetie Family Egg
3kg Sweetie Egg. Good for very large families.
  • RRP £100.00
  • £90.00
5 kg Giant Sweetie Egg
This is our 5kg Giant Sweetie Easter Egg. There is nothing to say except AMAZ
  • RRP £150.00
  • £140.00
700g Sweetie Easter Egg
Winner of the Good Housekeeping Best Egg for Sharing!
  • RRP £20.00
  • £20.00
1.5kg Sweetie Easter Egg
A Giant 1.5kg Easter Egg made from our exquisite chocolate and lavishly decorate
  • RRP £50.00
  • £45.00
500g Easter Bunny
A hugh Easter Bunny lovingly made by our chocolatiers in our small Kent factory.
  • £15.00
200g Easter Bunny
An Easter Bunny hand made from our finest chocolate. Great as a gift or to trea
  • RRP £6.00
  • £6.00
300g Flower Easter Egg
300g Milk Chocolate Egg (Medium) with flower design.
  • RRP £8.00
  • £8.00
300g Flower Egg Plain
300g Plain Chocolate Easter Egg (Medium) with a simple flower design
  • RRP £8.00
  • £8.00
300g Flower Egg White
300g White Chocolate Easter Egg (Medium) with a simple flower design
  • RRP £8.00
  • £8.00
125g Sweetie Egg
125g Milk Chocolate Egg with a chocolate and sweetie design
  • RRP £5.50
  • £5.00
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