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We have created the ultimate Chocolate centre piece for your wedding day with our superb Truffle Tower and chocolate favours.  We know that every wedding is a unique occasion and for each couple it is a chance to create a perfect and magical day both for themselves and for their guests. We are able to give you the ribbon colour of  your choice to match your colour scheme and make something that guests will appreciate and remember.  You can contact our Wedding Department by calling 07901 684 372 or emailing if you have specific requirements.  

Rugby Ball 700g
This is a 700g Life Size Rugby Ball totally scrumy Stas Rich Smooth Chocolate!
  • RRP £20.00
  • £17.00
1 kg Football
This is a 1 kg LIFE SIZE Football made from gorgeous Stas Chocolatier Rich Smoot
  • £20.00
Plain Chocolate Truffle Bag
Gorgeous Plain Chocolate Truffles in a rich smooth bitter sweet chocolate!
  • £6.00
Plain Champagne Truffles
Irresistable Champagne Truffles in a rich smooth bitter sweet chocolate!
  • £6.00
Vanilla Truffle Bag 200g
Irresistible Madagascan Vanilla Truffles in a rich smooth creamy white chocolate
  • £6.00
Milk Champagne Truffles 200g Bag
Irresistable Champagne Truffles in a rich smooth creamy milk chocolate! Too good
  • £6.00
750g Slab
A truly massive 5 1/2 inches by 11 inches 750gs of solid Stas Chocolate with del
  • RRP £17.50
  • £17.50
Free bottle of Champagne with every order. This Truffle Tower is 2 1/2 feet tall
  • £200.00
4 Choc Champagne Truffle Box
4 delightful Champagne Truffles rich and smooth and totally delicious.
  • £2.50
2 Choc Truffle Box Silver
2 Champagne Truffles wonderful for wedding favours and place settings. Made with
  • £1.50
2 Choc Truffle Box Gold
2 delicious Champagne Truffles, rich and smooth, small but perfect.
  • £1.50
2 Choc Truffle Box White
2 delicious Champagne Truffles rich and smooth, just perfect!
  • RRP £1.50
  • £1.50
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